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Funding Opportunity

Funding Opportunity

Annycent capitalizes on a market opportunity between developers selling small - to medium - sized, fully-operational projects and international asset owners looking to acquire larger portfolios.

Target acquisition projects are held by developers who need to sell in order to recycle capital into new projects. Target projects are usually ultimately owned by public sector investors who lack the mandate to hold assets over their lifetime or to acquire already operational assets. The target projects’ small to medium size (25-200 MW range) renders them out-of-scope for the traditional, larger asset buyers and long-term owners.


Annycent seeks to capitalize on this market opportunity by acquiring these assets at attractive market prices.



Annycent has invested in the regional developer Kairos Renewables, the best-in-class independent renewables development platform in Southeast Asia.


Ecotech (78 MW),Vietnam

Kairos management team provided development, procurement, project and construction management services.

​The investment gives Annycent access to an exclusive pipeline of 3.5GW+ in Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies.

  • Kairos expects to have 15 projects ready for construction financing with a combined capacity of 1.5 GW by the end of 2026.

  • Annycent completed the Series A transaction in October 2022.

  • The transaction gives Annycent the right of first offer (ROFO) to acquire or invest in all projects developed by Kairos.

Kairos originates, develops and invests in large-scale wind and solar power projects across Southeast Asia. It is a co-development partner of choice for leading regional conglomerates Aboitiz and Ayala, both based in the Philippines.

Kairos has a strong network of international financing partners, including SCAF (UN Environment Program and UK AID) and the Southeast Asia Clean Energy Facility (SEACEF), a leading regional energy transition fund whose investors include the European Climate Foundation and the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund.

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