Annycent Capital



Our name is inspired by a woman in Uganda who represents the individual and societal impact of our work.


She serves today as the director of operations and maintenance of the first privately built hydropower plant in her country, a project sourced and funded by a founding member of our firm.



Emerging markets offer the most sustainable and inclusive growth opportunities for the coming decades. Low-carbon economic infrastructure in these markets is the investment sweet spot, facing an annual shortfall of more than $1 trillion of private sector investment despite burgeoning demand.


We aim to grow this new asset class through a catalytic combination of economic and social benefits that creates new capacity and competition. We will augment investor confidence by strengthening the knowledge of the local public and private sectors while delivering meaningful returns.


To this end, we will build a replicable template for investment and ensure that data and case studies are widely available.

Our reporting system will be tailor-made and based on the cutting edge of impact measurement and standards (ESMS). It will track opportunities such as access to clean water, local job creation, education, and gender and social mobility.


Over time, we will develop and adapt new, innovative techniques to measure and communicate market knowledge so that the asset class continues to grow.



We are market developers and innovators. Annycent Capital Partners is a newly incorporated company based in Luxembourg dedicated to supporting and accelerating investment outcomes that are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Agenda and the Paris Agreement.

Our firm’s leaders have proven, best-in-class track records in their respective fields, which include private and blended finance, financial sector development, creation of systemic linkage capabilities, financial inclusion, and emerging and frontier markets.  



Annycent Capital is focused on opportunities that can offer attractive returns to private investors while delivering outcomes that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Specifically, we take viable initiatives nurtured by public institutions into the investment reach of the mainstream private sector.


Annycent Capital and its investment strategies will support established infrastructure developers in frontier markets and anchor first-time teams using a pioneering blend of public and private capital.